Anti-Christian - Tsjuder

Hello Anti-Christian! How are you doing today?

I´m in a good mood, but very tired, ready for some booze!

How did you enjoy your show today at Metaldays? Would you have preferred a slot late at night?

It was hot as hell hehe. 37C when we went on stage, luckily the sun couldn't penetrate the trees. It had been better with a later slot
except the power went hiatus two times during Aura Noir´s show. I went on stage already sweating and there was a breeze so I actually                 was freezing during the whole set.

What are the current plans for the band and has work begun on a follow up to 'Legion Helvete'?

 We have already got some songs done and maybe we´ll release something just after new year. It would be about time..

Have you decided on a lyrical theme for the new album yet and who contributes most to the lyrics?

As for Legion Helvete we used old lyrics from 95-97. Nag lost a file when he was moving and found it in 2010. I think we have some more from that time that we're gonna use. Who knows , we have one new.

Is it easier to write and record albums now compared to 10 - 15 years ago?

It´s easier to record since we have more experience, but every time there´s something different. I want to record live in the studio, it                 brings a different energy to it, as I did with two Beaten to Death albums (2nd one soon). As for the writing it takes more time since                         everybody has to work and the other guys have small children, but every song we make has to be the best at that moment, and we still have       to dig it the week after, if not we change it or kill it.

How much has changed in the band since you got back together in 2011 and did it seem strange playing together again?

Nothing except the age , hehe. It felt natural to be on stage together at the first gig at Hellfest in 2011. We all just needed some space in             2006. It was my highlight that year.

Do you think the black metal scene/community is stronger now than when you started?

I really don´t know, there´s a lot of new bands coming up every year, some good and some really shitty. I just don´t have the time to dive             into that pool every day. To me the scene has more focus on music now, nothing is scary anymore, and when we´re out playing and/or                   drinking we just want to have good time.

Black metal albums have a much more produced sound nowadays, Do you prefer that or do you prefer the old school sound?

We want to sound like Motorhead, organic raw sound, I don´t use triggers at all. Quit triggering the bass drum live last year. Today there are a lot of bands the really sound plastic to me, but then again I don´t listen that much to new BM.

Do you get any re-occurrence of the tendinitis injury that forced you out of the band back in 2001?

I got control of it after a while, but I play different now, use more bigger muscle groups and mix that with different technique. I´m a 
rock´n roll drummer that tries to play BM.

Who were your musical influences when you started out and is there anybody new on the scene that pushes you forward today?

My all time drum hero is Vinnie Calaliuta (Frank Zappa), he plays every style and have a powerful groove to everything.  I really like the new drummer of Aura Noir, he´s a natural talent, and he´s style is inspiring.

It's been great talking to you and I appreciate you taking the time out to talk to me.

Thanks man , same to you. Next time we hook up we really have to go on a bender!