Stefan 'Husky' Hüskens

It’s been 16 months since you took over as the man behind the kit for thrash metal legends Sodom. How has life been for you so far within the Sodom ranks and what was it like to join the band at around the same time as Blackfire re-joining Sodom?

Hello. Fuck yes, already more than a year. Un-fuckin-believable. Life is really good, as I found the love of my life, we marry soon plus being part of the Sodom/Asphyx family. To join Sodom was kind of a dream come true, or better my 2nd dream came true. Asphyx and Sodom were always my fave bands over all the years and now I am part of these cvlt bands. I am so happy and proud. First time in the Sodom rehearsal room was kinda unreal. I entered the room and I was sitting between Tom, Frank and Peppi… haha… living in a bubble. Peppi is also in our rehearsal room with his band Wortmord. Now, after 16 month all feels much more better and Sodom is getting a band again. Of course we needed to learn to play together, but we already played a lot of shows and we are still learning. I am so happy and enthusiastic to be a part of this. I can’t describe this in words.

I got to see the new Sodom line up perform last summer at Gefle Metal Festival and the band certainly seemed invigorated, motivated and with a new lease of life with everyone clearly enjoying being on stage. It was great to see this thrash titan doing what they do best.

Oh yes, Gefle Metal Festival was amazing. Met so many friends there and I had a lot of fun. All of us. The show was really good and I guess we showed that Sodom is still ready to kick ass. After show Drunkenness with some friends like LG, Nifelheim and more was outstanding and killer.

Last year Angelripper said that we would have a new Sodom album at the end of 2019. How is the writing and recording process for this album coming along and do you have a date set for the new release?

Yes, we are working on new material now. More news soon. We are working hard on everything. Rehearsing at least 2-3 times a week. It's not easy sometimes, but it works.


Back in November of last year you released and EP entitled “Partisan”. Was this a taster for what we can expect from the new album or have you gone in a different direction with the Sodom sound?

We are 3 new guys in the band, so you can’t expect the same sound like the last records, so I guess we go back to the older Sodom in my eyes. Maybe some people don't like it but that's how it is. Partisan was a good first new record, but sound wise we were too clinical in my eyes. Especially the drum sound is too modern but on the next recording I will change that for sure.

Obviously when you joined Sodom you left behind a part of your life that had been with you for the past 22 years and that was Desaster. Was it a hard decision to leave the band after being a part of them for so long?

I was in Desaster for 22 years but I didn’t quit the band they kicked my out in a friendly way. We still are friends but now. After some months in between I must say, that there was a lot of miscommunications but that’s how it is. Now I concentrate my whole musical energy to Asphyx and Sodom. I had wonderful 22 years with many ups and downs and we really made many things. We never thought that Desaster would be that huge in the underground scene, but we played many shows, released many records and have fans worldwide. That’s what makes me proud and all my memories will be with me until I leave that rotten planet.

Also as part of your repertoire you occupy the seat behind the kit with yet another big hitter in the Extreme Metal world in Asphyx. It’s been 3 years since “Incoming Death” so are the gogs turning yet again in the Asphyx machine for a new album?

Hell yeah. As I said before, Asphyx and Sodom was always and still is my favourite bands and you are right, we are working on a new album right now. Beside a lot of shows we do new songs, but I have no idea when we are really ready to start recordings by now but expect a full doomdeath attack.


You have a busy few months ahead now with multiple headline or co headline shows with Sodom and Asphyx taking in multiple countries and festivals. Are there any shows in particular that you are personally looking forward to playing?

I love to play any show. Every show is something special and you always meet old friends and meet new guys. Of course I am excited to play in foreign countries, but at the end of the day metal is all over the world and you have great maniacs everywhere.

March saw you pick up two new endorsements with Czarcie Kopyto pedals and Wincent drumsticks. How are these new relationships going and how did they come about?

I play Wincent now for years and had endorsement contract with one of their dealers here in Germany. After they changed to another company I asked them to join. Funny thing is, I really like Swedish band Sister and I was writing with one of the guys from Wincent about the deal and later I figured out that it was the drummer of Sister. It's a small world. On the last Sodom tour with Exodus, Death Angel and Suicidal Angels I met the guys in Poland from mighty Czarcie Kopyto before the show and since the first touch I was in love with those pedals. I am really happy to be a part of the family.


Who were your main influences when you were growing up that made you decide to become a drummer and what genre do you personally enjoying playing the most?

Haha! I like to play METAL! That's all and that's enough. I really don't care if a drummer is good or fast or whatever. In my eyes it's all about feeling. Bostaph is a great drummer, but he doesn't fit in Slayer in my eyes. You know? If you play any kind of fast metal, Dave Lombardo must be a influence for you, he is the man. I also like Witchhunter, Atomic Steiff, Bob Bagchus, Abaddon, Phil Rudd and so on. I really don’t care about how fast someone can play, heart and heaviness is the most important.

Thank you for your time Husky and hope to see you at a festival somewhere this summer with one of your great bands.

Thank you very much for this interview. We’ll meet somewhere at the bar, fridge or wherever. Enjoy your day. cheers.


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