What genre would you put Sarke into? With all the band member's backgrounds you would have thought black metal but I don't think that's the case.

I agree, Sarke is much more than just black metal. We combined different kind of styles in our music. From 70s David Bowie, Kiss and classic rock all the way up to todays black metal.

On the first album it was all your own work but now there are other band member's that contribute to your album's. Is that something you wanted to happen or did it take some convincing?
The plan was to release one album. A Sarke solo album. Things went very well and the record company wanted more. I said just a new solo album would be wrong, so then I needed a band. I like to create music, so for me it was good and I still make most of the music. 

Are there any plans for a new Sarke album or are you planning on releasing something with your other bands first?
We have already recorded a new Sarke album. It will be released early next year. Its the best Sarke album to date, so for people that like Sarke they really have something to look forward too. 

Who would you have got to do vocals for Sarke if Nocturne Culto had turned around and said no?
Nocturno is the vocalist in Sarke, so I dont have to think about that. 

It's very rare for Sarke to play live but this is your third show this year. What's changed for you to play more shows and can we expect the shows to keep coming?
When good shows turn up we will play them, so it depends how often we play live. We will play some gigs next year as well. 

Nocturno Culto was missing from your show at Brutal Assault and Graspop. What was the reason for this and did you consider cancelling the shows?
The reason for Nocturno was not able to perform is written on our facebook site. It was too close to the festival to cancel. It worked out very well with the other vocalist, so it was no problem. 

Whether it's Khold, Tulus or Sarke your music has an incredible groove to it. Who and what has influenced you to that style of music instead of the normal black metal style?
For me music is about groove, atmosphere, feeling and true playing. We dont use trigging, copy riffs and computer editing like most bands to. We record the true way like a rehearsal. Of course im influenced by many bands. Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Slayer, King Diamond, Mayhem, David Bowie, Death, Obituary, Kreator, Suicidal Tendencies and many more.. 

Khold's lyric are in Norwegian and Sarke is in English. What made you decide for it to be like that and not all in one language or the other?
Hildr write the lyrics in Khold and Tulus, while I write the lyrics in Sarke. That makes it two totally different things. 

Which of your bands sums you up most as a person and why?
I will say all 3.

If you were to only continue with one of your bands, which would it be and why?
That is a question I cannot answer. It depends on a lot of things. Tulus means something special for me, but it does not mean that's the band that I would choose. 

After what happened in the beginnings of black metal in Norway, has it been harder to be accepted as a musician in Norway?
It was just a few bands that was involved in problems at that time. The thing is that the playing skills and the productions has evolved alot. Now black metal musicians has a big respect in Norway and not only in the music scene, but by people in general.