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Last week Nordjevel announced that they would be heading back into the studio to begin the recording of your third studio album entitled “GNAVHÒL”. Can we expect yet another full on black metal assault on this album or will you be taking a different direction with your music? Also what meaning does the album title “GNAVHÒL” have to you?

This will for sure be a black metal album in the vein of Nordjevel yes. It's a combination of our two first albums so to speak. The aggressiveness and the melodies. GNAVHÒL is a word I kind of have put together without a direct meaning. It's the word for the bands personal hell. It can mean a hole in the ground, like the gateway to hell. It is filled with torment and frustration.


                                                                                            Photo by Markus Salmela

What are the time frames that you are working towards for the release of “GNAVHÒL” and when could we potentially expect to hear some new material assuming that all goes well in the studio?

We will begin recording in March and the mix/master will be done in May so hopefully if everything goes as planned then GNAVHÒL will be released at the end of the year.

You also announced last week that you will enter the legendary Studio Fredman in Sweden in March with producer Fredrik Nordstrôm to begin recording your third full length album “GNAVHÒL”. What was the deciding factor for you to go Studio Fredman, a place where so many great albums have been produced over years from Dimmu Borgir, In Flames, Nifelheim. At The Gates and more?

First of all because he is a great producer and like you said he has recorded so many important albums. All of us in the band have always wanted to go there for many years and also through our previous bands, so when we discussed it there was only one option for us. We also want to record and mix/master at the same place and since our music is quite technical and extreme in tempo, we need the best to organize the chaos into sound.

The first two Nordjevel albums were released via Osmose Productions in 2016 and 2019. “GNAVHÒL” will be the first Nordjevel album to be released via Indie Recordings, what happened for Nordjevel to make this change of record labels and what do you think might change for the band by signing with Indie Recordings?

Nothing dramatic at all. We signed with Osmose for 2 albums so naturally the contract ended. We have been in discussion with Indie Recordings over the last year and the reason we wanted to change is that we all live close to the Indie headquarters. It will be easier with communication and to have an even closer relationship with them. They are also really excited to have us so we are excited to see where it goes.



After the first album “Nordjevel” was released, Destructhor and Dominator joined the Nordjevel ranks with both of them being very accomplished musicians in high profile bands and I think that the results were obvious in continuing to intensify the Nordjevel sound. How did this double change come about and do you think that Nordjevel are still feeling the benefit of those changes?

I was in contact with Dominator for a long period before he joined the band. We had some talks about session drums in the beginning but when he left Dark Funeral, we started to seriously discuss about him becoming a permanent member. Destructhor actually was hired to do session guitar when we where on the Hate Tour in 2018. We got to know each other very well and shared the same visions and ideas so he joined the band permanently on that tour.

Where you surprised at the time when Dominator made the decision the leave Dark Funeral to join Nordjevel because Dark Funeral are one of the biggest black metal bands in the genre so with Nordjevel being such a new band at the time, many people may have seen it as a risky move so to speak?

He didn't actually leave Dark Funeral to join Nordjevel. I knew for a while he was going to leave Dark Funeral so when we decided to work together in Nordjevel, he had already left Dark Funeral. Well, that's up to him to answer but I think it was as a fresh start and to be a part of a band from the beginning because then you really feel that you are part of treading the path. He was always really into our music and saw the potential the band had.

For me personally “Necrogenesis” was one of the very best albums to come out of 2019. Did you realise that you may have had something special with “Necrogenesis” when you were writing the album or did you not begin to realise this until you were recording in the studio?

For me, during the recording I truly felt Necrogenesis was special. I had such a great feeling every time we were done with a song. We wrote 4 tracks there in the studio and every time one was finished I was just more excited about the overall feeling. It was a frustrating, brutal album process and I think that is reflected on the album.


With Nordjevel being heavily in the studio for the next few months recording “GNAVHÒL”, what will the rest of 2020 entail for yourself and Nordjevel once the recording process has been completed?

So far this year we will only play 3 festivals. Indie Recordings Label night in Oslo 8th of May, Kaltenbach Open Air and possibly one more but it's not 100% confirmed yet. It was always the plan to have a bit more of a quiet year to focus on the new album. So in 2021, we will be back full with tours and more festivals.

Thank you so much for taking time out to speak to us before recording the new Nordjevel album and if “Necrogenesis” is anything to go by then “GNAVHÒL” is going to be one of the releases of the year.

That remains to be seen and heard. We make music first and foremost for ourselves and I think that is reflected in the music. It's honest, personal and very spontaneous.


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