Nervosa - Fernanda Lira

So here we are at the first show of this European tour with Venom Inc. and Suffocation, are you looking forward to this tour with such an exciting mix of bands?

For me it feels really nice and it’s very important for the band but it’s really cool because it’s been a while since I have been in touch with Tony, he really likes the band and we love the the Suffocation guys so being here, it’s like touring with friends. We love touring Europe, we tour Europe all the time and it’s cool having this big comfy tour bus too so it’s just awesome for us to be here. I love all the bands and I love watching them live and I just can’t wait to be out there thrashing everything up.

Last year saw a line up within the band with Pichu leaving and Luana filling the void behind the kit, how did this change come about and how is Luana fitting into the band?

We kind of expected the change because she had a different vibe from what we had as she would like to be at home and get more money where as we would want to be on the road getting whatever money we get so we had different ways of thinking. I agree with that you don’t have to be where you don’t want to be but that’s the way it happened, she like quit the band in the middle of the tour and when she quit we had 60 more dates still left to go and that was 5 days before our North American tour so it’s was a little bit fucked up. It’s was such a terrible rush to get everything sorted in time for the tour so the way that it happened was not cool. Everything could have been terrible but in the end we found a Canadien drummer who did both tours that we had ahead of us and then right after that we started looking for drummers as it’s not an easy task trying to find girls who can play thrash metal. There’s many girls who can play but not all of them want to be committed to going on tour and we basically live on the road. Not only did we need to find someone that could play our songs but also have the same vibe, goals and commitment. Then there’s this other Brazilian band called Nervo Chaos who said to us about trying this girl and we started talking to her and she was very young, she is 21 now but when we started talking to her she was only 20 but she was was keen to join us so we auditioned her and the same day she called her college and she told them that she quit as she knew she’d be in the band. We love her, she is a very nice person, very easy going and she can really play our songs. She is super chilled too. For the new album she made the new songs that little bit more aggressive too.

You recently entered the studio to start recording for a new album. Is that all finished now? Can you tell us what we can expect from the follow up to 2016’s “Agony” and also when can we expect to hear some new material?

Yes. Finally. We had been writing the songs since last year and then we got into the studio in January and we only had 25 days to record the whole album so it was pretty tough actually as we spend over 12 hours a day in the studio and also there were all the other parts to be done like booklets, artwork and everything so we were rushing everything but making sure we were doing everything with quality. We wanted to make sure we finished everything before we came on tour.

I think this new album is definitely more aggressive because of Luana. I think there’s a little bit more of a death metal sound to it which is also down to Luana but I think the songs sound more mature. Of course we have been evolving as a band but I think they are way more mature. Vocal wise I think they are way more diverse, it’s not only high pitches but more guttural stuff and we have some special guests which I can’t talk about right now but they are awesome but I think it’s a more mature album but above all more aggressive. The album will be out in June but nobody knows that yet.

You guys have always had mix of the thrash sound on your albums so what type of thrash would you say the new album is more aimed towards?

All the variation is there. I think it’s a part of our identity as a band and that’s because we love to make our music everything that we love to hear in music. We like to think of the details and we like to make our music fun to listen to so that it doesn’t sound like the same thing again, we actually heard that from our label that they think it’s diverse. There’s actually a lot of variations, there’s songs that start with like blast beats, death metal, thrash metal and there will be a bonus track which is completely different from the whole rest of the album.

You are always very entertaining to watch on stage, it’s clear to see you clearly enjoy being on stage and that you love what you are doing. Do you find it hard to keep that intensity and enthusiasm going every night?

Not at all. Of course you get tired, I’m not saying that I’m this cyborg that doesn’t get tired as I do because we do such long tours of 40 - 50 dates but I think that every place has a different vibe so you get a different approach from the fans and everything so this makes every night different and I do my best no matter how tired I am or sick I am to give my best 100% every night because I hate it when I go to a concert and you can see the people are bored. It doesn’t matter how many gigs you do, I wanna see something cool. Everything I do on stage is everything I’d like to see on stage. I want to see people who are willing to be playing there. I love looking into people eyes  and asking them to scream and stuff like that. Today you are lucky as it’s the first show and I haven’t played a gig in like two months because we were recording the album so I’m dying to back out on stage. It’s going to be awesome.

Which bands got you intrigued into the world of metal and who are your biggest influences?

Well I think the first one was because of my dad when I was super young there were Kiss and Iron Maiden of course and Steve Harris made me want to play the bass. I remember the band that really made me want to have a thrash metal band was Nuclear Assault. When I listened to them I was like “oh my god I wanna do that” and you can hear a little bit of Nuclear Assault in our songs. Also a band that made me want to go for more like death metal which we also use in our songs was Death. When I listened to “Indivual Thought Patterns” I was like “what the fuck is this”. Of course there were many other bands but these were the ones that we the most important somehow. They defined what I am, what I play and how I write my songs.

How do you find it being in an all female band in today’s world of extreme metal?

I kinda like it you know. Of course it’s different because you don’t get many girls playing all the time, it does seem more common in South America compared to here in Europe but we feel like the bands around us act a little different, they are very respectful which is nice. We are all into the same things, we are all metal heads, we drink just like them, we fart just like them, so it’s all the same thing but it’s nice that they are respectful and on the other hand it’s weird that sometimes people treat us like they shouldn’t for example like when we are at festivals we were never treated as a band. We were treated like groupies. Once at a festival we had huge trouble getting to our dressing room because they were like “only bands can pass through” and even though we had our passes etc they wouldn’t believe us that we were an actual band. Sometimes we can see we get weird looks and stuff but even if we were groupies then why not just leave us alone anyway. In general though it’s nice. I like it. You know what I like, to prove stuff. Sometimes you can see people looking at you with your instruments and when you go on stage and they are like ha but then they are like woooaaahh. I like to prove people wrong.

A few years ago we had the Big 4 of thrash shows. If you had to put together your own big 4 then who would your big 4 be?

That’s difficult. Every time there is top something for me to do it’s a struggle. Well my personal top 4 with bands that I love and that have influenced me a lot then it would probably be D.R.I., Nuclear Assault, Coroner and Death Angel.

With a new album coming out, you guys seems to tour constantly anyway, but I’m guessing that we can expect plenty of live shows for the rest of the year.

Yeah we will be touring and touring. The last two years were very intense so we will tour a little bit less. In 2016 we played 160 gigs, last year we did 130 gigs and it’s just a lot so this year we recorded the album January/February and now we are doing this tour and then we have a couple of dates in Latin America. Then we are going to do some release date shows for the album release in Brazil and then we will be back in Europe for a couple of months in the summer. Maybe by the end of the year we will do some shows in North America but that’s it. We aren’t going to tour like crazy.

It’s been awesome talking to you this evening and I can’t wait to see you giving it 100% on stage later.