Necrophobic - Joakim Sterner

2019 was a big year for Necrophobic which saw the 30th anniversary for the band. The past 30 years has seen several line up changes and 8 studio albums. Are there any things that you wish would have happened differently and have those 30 years fulfilled your ambitions for the band back in 1989?

I don’t really regret anything because I have been playing in many different countries with Necrophobic which has been a fantastic thing to be able to do. Every band that starts to play can not take these opportunities for granted or even get a record deal. Over all, I am grateful that our music has taken me on this journey and that it still does. If there is one thing that would have wanted to do is that we could have been touring more in the early days.



You obviously named the band after the Slayer song “Necrophobic” taken from 1986’s “Reign in Blood”. What made you decide on this name for the band and what were the reasons for not going down the thrash route for your music?

The band name was a tricky one back in the days. We were young and there was a lot of “rules” on what to name or what to not name the band. At first, we did not want to use either the word “necro” or “death”. That was the first rule. The other rule was to not have a name that sounded like anything else so my suggestion of calling the band Black Angel did not fall through. A demo recording was in the pipeline so a name had to be picked and David dropped Necrophobic which we all quite quickly agreed upon, even though we broke our rule to not include the word “necro”. We were fans of thrash metal but death metal was something new and more brutal and since we did not want to create something that had been going on for a couple of years already, we created our version of death metal.

2018’s “Mark of the Necrogram” was the last album to be released by Necrophobic via Century Media. When can we expect to hear a new album from the band, what can we expect from any future release and will your partnership with Century Media be continuing?

We are in the studio right now. The album is set for a release on the second half of 2020 and it will be released by Century Media. The title will be “Dawn of the Damned” and the music is a continuation from where we left it on “Mark of the Necrogram”. You will clearly hear that it’s Necrophobic, but be prepared for a more demanding time to get and understand the depths of the new material.


Sebastian and Johan came back into the band back in 2016, what difference has that made to the band and are things still going well 4 years later?

That was a necessary decision I had to make. We needed to add a guitar player as Fredrik (2011–2016) singled handed the guitar playing and even though he is a fantastic guitar player, our music really needs two guitar players when we perform the songs live. We didn’t really find the right guy for the job so a drastic change had to be made. I had at that time started to get contact with both Sebastian and Johan and the chemistry together was there immediately. With them back in the band again our live performances had improved and set the standards right again and yes, things are going as well as it did 4 years ago, or even better.

Alex Friberg departed from the band last year and was replaced by Allan Lundholm. Alex had quite a stage presence within the band. What happened within the band for this change to take place?

Allan is as good of a live performer as Alex was. Allan is a great bass player and it was not for nothing that Allan became our permanent member. Alex was taking time off to deal with stuff that was necessary for him to go through. Allan was brought in quickly to play all the shows and festivals that we already had booked. Allan lives in Stockholm and Alex moved to Umeå in the beginning of 2018, which is about 7,5 hours away by car from Stockholm. Not really durable in the long run.


How has Allan fitted into the band since his arrival and what different things will he bring to Necrophobic in the studio and when performing live on stage?

As mentioned, he is a really good musician and he is a great guy to have among us. He fits great to the band and have the same music taste as the rest of us. He is doing great on stage and he is really into our way of performing. Simply, a skilled musician that has made the rhythm section more solid.

So far Necrophobic have announced many festival appearances for 2020 including Rockstadt Extreme Fest, Alcatraz, Metal Italia and many more. What can we expect from these shows and what else do Necrophobic have in store for us this year?

This year, what has been confirmed at this point, takes us to England, Germany, USA, Romania, Czech Republic, Belgium, Holland and a few more that is yet unconfirmed to the public.

A big passion of your outside of music is your beloved Spurs. How did it come about for a man from Stockholm to love a football team in London and how do you feel about Mourinho being in charge?

Yes, besides music I am also a fan of football and ice hockey and I have supported Djurgårdens here in Stockholm since the age of 7. The thing with Spurs (Tottenham Hotspur, London, England) is that here in Sweden we have been able to follow Premier League for many, many years and when I was young my father once told me about Tottenham so a couple of years ago, I guess in 2012 or something, I started to follow and support them. To answer your question about Mourinho, I of course feel sad that Pochettino got sacked but this is how the world of football looks. I liked the way he developed the way we play and both he and the team deserved a title together but life goes on and I hope Mourinho can lead the team as good as Pochettino did and better of course.

Thanks for your time Joakim and I wish you all the best for 2020.

Thank you.



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