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Being in lockdown has affected many people in many different ways but for you it has brought nothing but creativity your way including your new Thomas Eriksen podcasts in which you have had some fantastic guests so far and you have had some very interesting and informative conversations. Are you looking to continue with these podcasts once lockdown is over and who can we expect to join you in the coming months?

Yeah, I realized pretty early on that the lockdown is a kind of twisted “gift”, for anyone creative, but I am busy all the time even before the pandemic, so I have been a fan of podcasts for a while and have always wanted to try it out, so this was a perfect opportunity for it. Since I have been active within the world of Black Metal and Metal for a while, I have naturally gained a lot of new friends and acquaintances, who pick up the phone when I reach out for something like this. There’s a lot of guests on the list, so I will keep going for a while longer. I use to say that I will continue until it’s not fun anymore. I do this totally free, so I hope people appreciate my efforts and actually share the pod around.


This weekend will see Mork perform a live stream show for the fans after everything has been cancelled this summer. Are you looking forward to playing for the fans again and are you planning on performing a full set with corpse paint etc or will we get a more raw stripped down studio show?

To be honest, it’s strange to be preparing for a show again, since we haven’t played since February. It will be a full package with stage, lights, atmosphere and corpse paint. We will play a bit of everything from the catalogue for about an hour. Hopefully, as many as possible out there will join us in this alternative online virus-spread.


Do you feel that “Det Svarte Juv” has kind of been like a breakthrough album for yourself as the album has received great recognition and has seen Mork playing more festivals and also being placed higher up on festival bills. What particular reasons do you think has made this album such a success?

I see that album as a successor of the “Eremittens Dal” album, which is the real breakthrough in my eyes, so both albums have gained a lot of attention and positive feedback. You could say that a combination of the second album “Den Vandrende Skygge” and our live shows is the reason why Mork ended up at bigger label but, back to the two last albums, on those albums and the new one as well, I am a more free and open songwriter, which makes it way more interesting for listeners I guess. 



For any true Mork fan that follows your podcasts they will know that you are currently mixing Mork’s 5th studio album. When can we expect to hear the new masterpiece and what direction will the new album take?

Haha, yes, I have perhaps talked a but too much, so the surprise is blown. Yes, the new album is close to being done. In a week or two now I will have the final guest appearances down on tape and the mixing can be finished. I can’t say much about the release dates as of yet, but I'm pretty sure we’re talking late this year or early the next. Direction wise, it’s in the same vain of the two previous albums, as I continue my path of creating what comes naturally to me. I have figured out that I don’t need to plan a concept or direction, as my best work comes from me being spontaneous in the studio.


You previously said that “Det Svarte Juv” was written and recorded during a dark time in your life so is there an aspect of enlightenment and positivity in the creation process for the new album and what lyrical theme have you decided to indulge in?

Much of the album was created simultaneously as the previous one, so there are probably some familiar feels here and there but it’s too early to talk too much about the new album, yet.


Obviously Mork is a one-piece band when it comes to the writing and recording process, so are you very particular about who you get in to play the live shows with you and what do you look for in the musicians that you choose to be a part of delivering a live Mork show?

I am lucky to have a great band with me now, who all share a special bond. I can’t describe them as only band mates, it runs deeper than that but if I was to be looking for a member, the criteria is; confidence, skills, passion and the fact that you’re not a wannabe asshole. In other words, someone who thinks he or she has to act in a certain way to be “true” is unwanted.


                                                                                        Photo courtesy of Irmina Lunnoy


During your podcast with Silenoz from Dimmu Borgir you described Black Metal as “articulating your way in darkness” which I thought was very apt and great way to describe creativity within black metal. What made yourself take the path of darkness when deciding on how to unleash your musical talents?

That is a hard question to answer. I guess some people are just attracted to the darker side of things. Don’t get me wrong, I am a normal human with all the spectrum of feelings, but I am comfortable in the dark mindset and atmosphere regarding my creativity. What got me interested in Black Metal was me seeing Mayhem live for the first time, about 20 years ago. What lured me in and sealed the deal was Burzum with it’s unique atmosphere.


Are you glad that you are a musician creating new music in the times of social media where it’s easier to get your music out to the fans or would you have preferred the old school approach in the past with word of mouth and tape trading? Social media has obviously had a massive effect on the way we all do things nowadays especially when it comes to the music industry. 

I am very used to the modern times by now, so I guess I would stick with that. The opportunities are way broader with the internet than without it. On the other hand, it has killed a lot too, as you know....good and bad. Tape trading and word of mouth is a cool way of doing things, but it limits your exposure, I would say. I am not one of those who only want a few people to like his music.


Once all has returned to normal in this crazy world that we are currently living in, what can we expect from yourself and Mork moving into 2021 and will we see a full European tour to coincide with the new release?

My first demo “Rota Til Ondskap” is released on vinyl, this Friday (22 May), which is a cool thing.  A new album is getting ready. As for touring and shows, there are plenty in the works. We are looking at at least 3 tours, 2 of Europe and 1 of Latin America and there’s some cool festivals coming up. Mork is a live band and needs to be able to play. Keep yourselves posted via our channels and maybe we’ll be appearing nearby.


Thank you for your time my friend and wish you all the best for the rest of 2020 and I shall look forward to seeing the Mork machine live once again.

My pleasure, and thank you for the interest. Let’s get back to “real life” with a true black metal pandemic, sooner than later!


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