Mia Wallace - Abbath/Triumph of Death

2019 started off in a fantastic way for you when you were announced as the new bassist for the legendary Abbath. How did this partnership come about and how have you connected with the other band members since you have joined the band?

Hi Harvey, it’s a real pleasure to have this interview with you. This year seems to be full of satisfying experiences, yes. I have always been part of the Bergen family for years, Abbath needed a strong figure to replace his previous bassist, he noticed me as an experienced musician and that’s how it happened. I really consider the entire band as a family, we really connect and work together harmoniously.


July 5th will see the highly anticipated second album from Abbath entitled “Outstrider” which will be released via Season of Mist. How does the new album “Outstrider” compare to the first album “Abbath”?

I really liked the first album “Abbath”, but “Outstrider” is a real masterpiece. You will see.

How much of an input have you had on “Outstrider” or was the album already written when you join the Abbath ranks?

''Outstrider'' was already written. Abbath asked me to write the bass lines and then we decided together about some adjustments on them. 

Obviously you have taken over bass duties from King ov Hell. He was only in the band for a short amount of time but he is also one of the most recognisable faces in black metal. Do you feel any pressure taking over the role that King ov Hell left behind with Abbath? 

I feel no pressure whatsoever, I’m not in competition with King ov Hell. We are two musicians with different skills and appearances.


What was it like playing your first show for Abbath and in such a unique and special country at the Bangalore Open Air in India?

For me it was an unforgettable experience. Being on stage with this black metal legend was an extremely emotional situation for me and playing in a country like India made the experience absolutely unique.

Back on November 27th, Tom G Warrior announced the formation of Triumph of Death with yourself taking up bass duties. What does it mean to you to continue the legacy of one of the pioneers of black metal Hellhammer?

Digging into the past, you can see that I’ve basically been influenced by Hellhammer’s music for 21 years of activity as a musician in my previous bands so for me it is a pure honour to continue this legacy and play with a man who is a Legend and basically saved my entire life.

So far Triumph of Death have announced 8 shows for this summer with more shows yet to be announced. Will these shows be select winter festival appearances or more of an actual tour?

Everything is possible. We are basically submerged by concerts requests.

Hellhammer obviously only ever released 3 demos (Death Fiend, Triumph of Death and Satanic Rites) and an EP (Apocalyptic Raids) but from such a small back catalogue there are many many songs to choose from for your set list which are either classics or they are such highly influential songs. How are you guys setting about choosing what songs to play for these special live performances?

We basically chose the songs that we feel most. We are extremely open to change from time to time, depending on how we feel in the moment. Our rehearsals are the most harmonic and fun I have ever had.


This isn’t the first time you have teamed up with Tom G Warrior as you have worked together in Niryth. I understand that you guys are finally ready to release your first album together, 3 years after you formed. What can we expect from the album and when can we finally expect to see it released?

Niryth is a strange creature born from our common sense of music, our visions of life and death, our struggles and pain. It’s a Pandora’s box that has been opened and with what we have found inside, we created “Her”. We will show our creature soon and you will be amazed and fall in love.

You’ve obviously worked close with Tom G Warrior over the past few years on various projects. How much of an influence was he when you were getting into metal and how has he helped and influenced you now in more recent times through working together?

He is my Master and Mentor. He is the one who unleashed the dormant beast inside me. Without him, I would have not been able to express my music and my creativity correctly. We found ourselves in the situation of creating music together and more often than not we are always thinking with one brain. I really compose music as he does, because he really moulded my style since I was a little girl, long before I knew him personally.

So there’s a busy year ahead for you with all your different and exciting projects which will be taking you all over the world. What are you personally looking forward to the most from the rest of the year and is there anything else planned for yourself?

In these last two years many things have happened to me. Some tragic, that completely left me shocked and that was completely dark and without any kind of joy. Some others were stunningly positive that transformed my life drastically. Who knows what will happen in the future? Actually I want to live in the present, trying not to be influenced negatively from my difficult past and not to be scared of the future. 

Thank you for your time Mia and I hope the rest of the year continues on in the right way for you.

''Outstrider'' is available for pre-order now at http://smarturl.it/AbbathOutstrider and will be released worldwide via Season of Mist.


Photo credits to Francisco Munoz (Abbath) and Jozo Palkovitz (Triumph of Death)

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