Metaldays 2013

It's that time of year again when thousands of metal head's gather in the Slovenian valleys in the small town of Tolmin. I don't think there's a more beautiful setting for a festival anywhere else in the world. The Soca river is full of drunken metallers all day, floating up and down the river on inflatable toys shouting for 'Marjan' but he's still nowhere to be seen.

SOILWORK are the first big name band of the week on the main stage and theres a good vibe during their show. Whether you're in the pit or chilling on the hillside with a beer, Soilwork are good to watch today. OVERKILL are definitely one of the highlights of the day. Thrash bands always seem to go down well in Tolmin and I'd say Overkill are playing the best they have for a few years now. BENEDICTION, with front man Dave Hunt making his first appearance of the week, rip through 60 mins. A strong set with a good crowd in tow. IN FLAMES headline the opening day of the festival and they play something from each of their albums from over the past 14 years so there is something for everyone such as 'Pinball Map', 'Embody The Invisible', ' The Quiet Place', 'Cloud Connected' and the closing 'Take This Life' and 'My Sweet Shadow'. PENTAGRAM have been around for 40 years now and the ever present Bobby Liebling still loves what he does. A solid show tonight from Pentagram is a great way to end day one. 

Folk metal pirates ALESTORM bring in a big crowd to the main stage and its easy to see why once they start playing. The band give out such good vibes and it's great music to drink along to, especially when the whole crowd sit on the floor and pretend they are in a boat. New Orleans EYEHATEGOD are so laid back on stage with singer Mike Williams hardly knowing where he isEyehategod definitely enjoy themselves and their set is full of heavy sludgey riffs which are great to head bang to whether you know their songs or not. Norwegian black metal legends MAYHEM are last on the main stage and it's hard to take your eyes off of Attila as he is dressed in his full attire with his skull in hand. He has such a creepy stage prescence that you just get drawn in by him. Mayhem complete songs such as 'Deathcrush', 'Freezing Moon' and 'Pure Fucking Armageddon'. EXHUMED are only getting stronger and stronger at the moment and with an awesome new record behind them its easy to see why tonight. Fast and Brutal. 

DICKLESS TRACY open up the main stage on day three followed by INVERTED PUSSYFIX who both bring a much heavier start to the day on the main stage compared to the other days and they obviously enjoy themselves on stage despite not having massive crowds to play in front of and the weather has taken a nasty turn today. ORANGE GOBLIN are one of the finest stoner rock bands around and despite guitarist Joe Hoare missing due to injury the band still put on a great show which ends with the first track of the recent award winning album 'A Eulogy For The Damned'. BRUTAL TRUTH hit the stage with front man Kevin Sharp in his usual attire of a straw hat with no shoes on. MESHUGGAH bring a thunderous sound once again and this Swedish juggernaut are relentless. There are quite a few songs off the new album in their set tonight but mixed with a few older ones its a great mix of songs including 'Bleed' and 'Combustion' from the 'Obzen' album.  Another one of Norway's finest black metal bands TAAKE headline the second stage and it's a real treat for black metal fans tonight. Taake are on fine form and they can't be faulted in any way at all.

THE ROTTED made a rare live appearance, it was their first show in over 9 months and they showed no signs of any ring rust. Ben Rotted is a great front man and funny to go with it too. ANAAL NATHRAKH make their debut at Metaldays playing the second stage. It was Dave Hunts' second appearance of the week and yet again he doesn't let us down. Grind core super group LOCK UP finally hit the stage a bit late due to problems setting up Barkers' kit but once they start it's great to this 'super group' live playing songs such as 'Necropolis Transparent' and 'Vomiting Evil'. HYPOCRISY finally return to Tolmin and it has been well worth the wait, one of the best sounding bands of the week. There are alot of people waiting to see ENSLAVED and it's such a great setting to see this band and the following band on this stage. Enslaved have spent most this year on tour so far but there are no signs of weakness or tiredness tonight, Grutles' growls and Larsens' clean vocals go so well together. Sweden's SHINING are last to play today and there seems to be alot of anticipation for them to come on stage. Crazy front man Niklas Kvarforth has such a stage presence and by surrounding himself with great musicians it makes for a powerful show, even Hoest from Taake comes out and joins them for a song.

METAL CHURCH return to Europe for only two shows this summer and the people of Metaldays are lucky enough to see them. They start with old school hits such as 'Ton Of Bricks' which gets the crowd going straight away. TSJUDER smash their way through their set, its fast and frantic from the opening 'The Daemon Throne' to the closing Bathory cover of 'Sacrifice. Nag says very little on stage as usual but that's how it should be as it means more black metal to sooth the mind. AURA NOIR are plagued by technical issues tonight with the everything cutting out, sound and lights completely gone but then the sound kicks back in after 10 minutes and they play in creepy darkness until the lights come back into life again. Even with these issues the band still finish their set. UNLEASHED are as heavy as ever proving the vikings and death metal are the perfect mixLast day headliner KING DIAMOND plays Metaldays due to Burning Sea being cancelled and he's definitely one of the most anticipated bands of the festival. King Diamond definitely has the best stage set up and show of the week. In with the King Diamond songs we get treated to a few Mercyful Fate songs too.

It's easy to say that this has been the biggest and the best Metaldays (Metalcamp) ever and that's in terms of line up and the festival in general. Highly recommended to any metal head!!!!!!