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Over the years Horna have been an incredibly active band when it comes to releases whether its been albums, EP’s, splits or compilations but it has been almost 4 years now since the last full length album which was “Hengen Tulet” back in 2015. Are Horna currently working towards a new full release?

I think we have the new album almost ready now. Final arrangements are being done and then we will start to record it. We just need to find a small gap between all the gigs and shit like that.

Since the first Horna demo back in 1993 the band have had almost fifty releases but only nine of those of been full albums. It’s obvious to see that Horna are an incredibly productive band but why has there been more focus on EP’s and splits etc instead of albums?

We do those splits when ever an interesting offer comes along and there has been quite a few of them along the road and some of the EP’s are studio tracks which haven’t been used on the real album for different kinds of reasons. We try to release everything one way or another as you can see. Shatraug is one bad ass when comes to composing songs so there is always plenty of work to do and something in making.


Two weeks ago Horna embarked on a US tour but it obviously came with it’s fair share of problems. How many shows actually got cancelled in the end due to the interference of Antifa. Full credit to Horna for still getting some of those shows to still go ahead despite everything that happened.

Only one show got cancelled so we pulled off 12/13 and the Antifa fuckers consider this as their victory, well think again. Never surrender and never back down with their bullshit. It can be done if there is a will for it.

This obviously isn’t the first time that black metal bands and the black metal community have been affected by Antifa. Antifa are constantly trying to shut down black metal shows but do you not think that this has actually brought the black metal community closer together and what do you think the black metal community can do to not let these groups ruin the music that we love?

The main thing is that nobody should give a shit what they are doing or trying to do. Stand on your ground and believe what you are doing.

Surely there are people out there with some of the same beliefs and some different beliefs from people within black metal that are doing far greater harm to the world and to others than some musicians on stage doing what they love. Why do you think that they are targeting black metal and not focusing on more damaging people?

They are too afraid of targeting the real ”issue” for example B&H groups and their gigs and so on. Black metal is way too popular nowadays so it’s become quite an easy target to go for. When we first got these problems over ten years ago people said to me that it will go and it will get easier. I said ''no way, it’s only getting worse and look at what we are dealing with nowadays''.


Finland has produced many fine black metal bands over the years and its current crop of bands is a great example of that. What do you think makes black metal a strong genre for Finland compared to other genres of metal where you tend to hear less about bands from Finland?

Maybe there is some secret ingredient in our tap water.

The Finnish black metal scene seems to be a very close community with members of different bands being in several different black metal bands. What makes the Finnish black metal scene unique from its other Scandinavian counterparts?

Well, Finland is quite a small country so there are a lots of bands but not so many musicians and the same thing is also happening in Norway and Sweden. 

What makes each scene stand apart for you and which bands do you personally take pleasure in listening to?

Every country has it’s crown jewels which stand for themselves and it’s all about the taste. My personal all time favourites are quite obvious and ”boring” some might say. Old Emperor, Dissection, Marduk and so on. Mainly the bands that I grew up listening to and of course there are many ”new” amazing bands from all around the world.

During your time in Horna you spent 6 years handling bass duties then for the last 10 years you have been on guitars. Do you have a personal preference which instrument you play when it comes to recording and playing live shows? 

I started with guitar so I prefer to play it of course. Our former guitarist left from Horna so I got a ”promotion” after that.

You obviously have an involvement in quite a few different bands so what can we expect for the rest of the year from Infection? 

I’m right now sitting in the airport ready to leave for Stockholm Slaughter with Behexen so many gigs of course and also a new project but I won’t be saying anything more about that until it’s all ready for the public.

Photo credits to Signature Riff & Kryptir Photography


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