Fall Of Summer 2014 

After endless hours of traveling to Paris I finally made it. I've arrived the day before to give myself plenty of time to get to know some people, pitch my tent up and as usual on any other festival I needed to find the nearest supermarket and buy some refreshments ( you know what I mean haha). This new festival took place in Torcy, which is only a few miles just outside of Paris and accessible by a short 15-20 minute train ride from one of the downtown  stations. First impressions were great, the whole festival area was situated by the lake and on the grounds of some sort of golf resort so as you can imagine it was nice and clean. The most important thing of the Fall of Summer Festival is of course the incredible lineup so lets have a look at the bands I personally watched . 

Day 1 

CRUXIFICTION was first on the bill, perfect way to open the festival with some crazy evil fast black metal. They’re French and you couldn't get any more local as they're from Paris. The black metal played by the band is designed for live shows. Total  blasphemic fury with no mercy. Absolutely loved it. MERCYLESS was next on the Sanctuary Stage, this band doesn't need more introduction they have been playing for a while now. Those French death metallers played short but yet brutal set and they managed to attract quite a big gathering in front of the stage. AGRESSOR was the first to play the Blackwaters Stage. This legendary thrash band has been going for 28 years now. Wow, what a gig. Fast riffing , angry vocals and old school melodies made me one happy man. Next up, BOLZER!!! I have been looking forward to seeing this band for a long time now. Those two Swiss guys have only released couple of EP’s but their music is so captivating, magical and cosmic , I have never heard anyone play like this before. It's a shame most people were just standing and watching, I was ready to mosh their whole entire set. Regardless of that I was left speechless , outstanding performance. Another thrash legend arrived on the Blackwaters Stage, EXUMER. Very energetic show also to add that was their first ever French performance so the crowd was impressive and there was plenty of moshing going on. I had to cut this set short as the next band on the Sanctuary Stage was ROTTING CHRIST. This show was definitely one of the highlights of the whole festival for me. I have seen them few times live now and this performance was one of the best I have seen from this Greek black metal band. The 1 hour set contained the best hits from their large discography also the music and the dark skies created a magical atmosphere. Overall it was perfect. If that's not enough for the day, AURA NOIR started to play on the beach Blackwaters Stage. They are always amazing live. I absolutely love blackened/thrash pissed off music. The crowd was energetic and seemed to like band. The band contain members of many influential black metal bands such as Immortal, Satyricon and Mayhem. Also if that's not enough the next band on the list was one of the headliners of Fall of Summer Festival, VENOM. You could feel the excitement in the air. Every metalhead has at least one album of this band in their collection. Myself I have decided to watch the show from the back and just enjoy the moment. I’m not a big fan of Venom but it was great to hear some of the all time metal classics. This gig was totally mind blowing and it made my day. Last band of the first day was British legends CARCASS . I think that was one of the best gigs I watched this band play in last couple of years, they seem to be on the line up for most of the festivals this year so I've watched the show few times now but every time brings me a total pleasure. Shortly after that I decided to make my way to my tent and try to have some sleep and get ready for the next final day at the Fall of Summer Festival.

Day 2 

The second day at the festival started for me with some nice black metal music from VORKREIST. French band that has played for well over a decade now and some of the members play in highly acclaimed bands such as Merrimack and Hell Militia. Their music is pure evil, they play black/death metal and as it was before 12am they also managed to bring out many people to watch them play what was a good gig. After short break DEN SAAKALDTE entered the Sanctuary Stage. This is the band I was looking forward the most on this festival. I was a bit annoyed as their set was way too early and way too short. Incredible old avant-garde and depressive black metal songs filled my soul with the blackness I was waiting for. I was left speechless. Next on the line up was CODE. I had never heard them before so I decided to watched them from the back with nice refreshing French beer or two in my hand. I wasn't impressed as it was too much progressive stuff mixed with a bit of black metal but hey ho, it's not possible to like every band on the bill. Shortly after ASSASSIN started to play. A German thrash band that doesn't need any  introduction. They have been playing on and off for over three decades and started the whole thrash thing going on with bands such as Kreator, Destruction and Tankard. If you don't know them then you should definitely check them out. That was a great gig. Old school thrash metal always fits perfectly on any festival bill. After some old school German Thrash and of course five or more beers, I've attempted to watch the first band on the Blackwaters Stage, SALEM. I say attempted as I had fallen asleep on the nicely cut grass with sunny skies above. I think I’m getting older haha. To my disappointment and sleeping habits I have missed practically the whole set of another band I wanted watch ARTILLERY. I did rise from the grave for last two songs though, the crowd was big and plenty of moshing going on yet again. It seemed that crowd and the band enjoyed themselves very much. I also missed another band in the form of AHAB as I’m not into doom stuff and went CD shopping instead. There was quite a big metal market for such a small festival and I couldn't resist the urge so I went and bought some nice new albums to my collection. When I finished browsing in the market it was time for British legendary death metal band CANCER to hit the stage. It was cool to watch them live, it was my first time to see them and they surely did smash it big style. Old school death metal at its best. PENTAGRAM were next on the Blackwaters Stage. I've never listened to their stuff before and I was left in positive shock as they are heavy live. The crowd was loving every piece of it. A good set which made me want to discover their albums. I then made my way to the Sanctuary Stage to be totally blown away by another band I have never paid too much attention too, ASCENSION. The stage setup with burning candles, special lighting effects and this captivating black metal music left me totally surprised. This German band was amazing from start to finish. If you want to play black metal then this is how you do it!!! Their gig was definitely the best show of the whole festival for me, period. After this superb gig, next on my list was SODOM. Another legend at the Fall of Summer Festival. Every metalhead knows who they are and it was so cool to bang my head and sing to some old school songs. The next 3 bands I watched from the back chilling with few beers and taking to some fellow festival goers. ENSLAVED as usual played a great set and the cool lighting production made this gig even more special. I have a soft spot for this Norwegian band and every time they bring a professional show. I was well pleased. Shortly after the mighty WATAIN started their show. I have seen this show at least 5 times since their last album release and they always they make it special. Watain’s whole stage setup is amazing. I always feel that their show is like a theater. Swedish black metal has a huge place in my heart. The last band of Fall of Summer Festival was the BOMBERS who are fronted by one of the most famous guys in the black metal scene Abbath. Bombers its a tribute act of Motorhead and If you are into it then happy days but for me after few songs the festival came to an end. 

Fall of Summer Festival was well done and well organised for the first edition of this festival. I think it truly was a success and the people seemed to be happy overall. Location is perfect, a nice and clean area with lots of volunteers keeping the festival grounds tidy. The only minus for me was the food. There was no choice at all. Hopefully something will be done about this next year as there is no supermarkets within walking distance. Thank you for this amazing party and hopefully see you next year at the 2nd edition. I wish you all the best and for the festival to grow bigger and better with each year.

David Krosnia