Dimmu Borgir - Silenoz

So this year marks the 25th anniversary of Dimmu Borgir, could you ever imagine being at this point in your illustrious career and also being a pioneer of the genre?

I don't think any band, anywhere, that start out for the right reasons ever think like that. What we have in common with so many other 'successful' bands and artists is the love for the music. We've been honest from the get go and we've managed to carve our own niche, we've sacrificed a lot, a lot of stuff most people take for granted and have no clue about but it's all good. I wouldn't have it in any other way. I know what it takes and it's not something I necessarily would recommend others to get into...unless you're prepared to walk the plank. I might sound negative here but I'm not, I'm really happy and grateful for what we've established over the years, it's something bigger than ourselves. I'd do it again in a heartbeat, so the answer to your question is a proper 'no' hehehe.

Could we expect to see some special Dimmu Borgir shows in 2018 to mark the 25th anniversary?

We're already confirmed for a few festivals in Europe this summer, then we're already planning shows and tours all over globe for '18 and '19. 2018 will be our 'return' and we'll celebrate the anniversary with our fans worldwide. We'll make sure that what we put into the shows will have the fans leave with smile on their face.


It's been 8 years since the release of 'Abrahadabra' and on May 4th you return with your new offering called 'Eonian', what musical direction has Dimmu taken with this album and is it like anything you've recorded before?

It's always hard for us to say what we've done 'different' or 'changed', as we're always in our little bubble when we write, but we know for a fact that rushing art is not gonna get you anywhere. It's up to the fans and the critics to decipher whatever changes there are I guess. We could've easily done Enthrone Darkness Triumphant all over again and be sure that we'd satisfy a part of our fan base with that but we wouldn't be satisfied and content. If the artist is not convinced and confident about their new work there's no point releasing it, there's no point being an artist. I feel we've matured a lot just in a few years when it comes to the songwriting, especially on the arrangements side of things. I will say this though. there are links back towards our older albums in terms of riffing style etc as well as a homage to our black metal roots somewhat, but when we write we 'dimmufy' things, so it may take the listener a few spins to get under the layers. This is by no stretch an immediate album, it's a lot to take in but did anyone really expect it otherwise?

With 'Eonian' meaning 'eternal' or 'everlasting' then can you tell us a bit about the lyrical theme of the album?

We've decided not to elaborate on the lyrical aspect too much on this album, I feel it'll be totally against the whole idea of what's behind it. If one reads the words with an open and curious mind there'll either be a conscious or subconscious 'acceptance' of the fact that reality and time is not limited to the perception that we have traditionally used.


How much of an impact have Daray and Gerlioz had on writing process for 'Eonian" or has it purely been down to the main writing core of the band and also who handled bass duties on the recording?

We did the bass among ourselves and the music is written and arranged by the 3 of us core members. However, this album would not sound the way it does if it also hadn't been for Daray and Gerlioz' performances and inputs, they've done outstanding craftmanship and we're really proud of having them on the team. I think after so many years of too many cooks in the kitchen we've all found our places and it helps the progress of the band and for a much better disciplined work ethic this way. Mind you, the current line up is the longest lasting in the bands history, and that speaks volumes doesn't it hehehe!!

What was it like working with The Schola Cantrum Choir for 'Eonian', what impact do they have on final recording and are they a part of all 10 songs?

Yes, we decided pretty early on in the process that we wanted to incorporate real choirs again. The material and feel for this album basically required it. To have Schola Cantorum participate on our songs again, with arrangement assistance from Gaute Storaas, was exactly what we wanted. We did Abra with them and also both the orchestra shows on the Forces dvd and it fit like a glove. When mixing the album it's always an extra challenge to have real choirs in there, in addition to all the other stuff that sometimes go into a Dimmu song, but I feel Jens Bogren managed to help us translate our vision pretty well on this record. It's by no means a walk in the park and he can testify to that too I'm sure but we're all very satisfied with the result. If we weren't, we'd still be working on it haha.

The imagery released this past week for the album artwork and of the band image have been very eye catching and detailed, who was mainly behind the artwork and image?

Zbigniew Bielak has done the cover artwork based on the ideas we gave him, I think he's done a phenomenal job and managed to convey the thematics very well. The clothing is done by Maribaal Clothing in LA, also based on our ideas.


It's been 9 years since ICS Vortex left the band and some might say that there is still a void to be filled in the band. Is that kind of vocal range something you would like to have available to you as a band again or are clean vocals a thing of the past for Dimmu?

We have 'clean' voices on the new album as well in terms of choirs singing parts of lyrics, we feel it helps for the variation and keeps the listener interested. So I wouldn't say it's just a part of the past but times change and as a musical and artistic unit that Dimmu Borgir is we move on pretty quickly. From a fan's perspective I know it can be different sometimes and I have no problem accepting that fact but nevertheless that's out of our control.

It's also been 21 years of Dimmu Borgir and Nuclear Blast joining forces. Not many bands seem to stick to one record label for so long so I'm guessing that the two of you have a very strong relationship and goals set for the future?

There's definitely a mutual bond of respect between band and label, we've accomplished greatness together and I believe much more is to come. To be on such big label and still have total artistic freedom is something we treasure immensely, it's the alpha and omega for any artist to be able to express themselves freely. Communication directly between band and label is key.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule for talking to me and I can't wait to see Dimmu Borgir live once again in 2018.

Thank you man. We can't wait to meet our fans again and share the energy of the new album on the world stages.



Dimmu Borgir will release their 10th full length album 'Eonian' on May 4th via Nuclear Blast Records.