Dan Swanö - Unisound Studio/Ex Bloodbath/Nightingale

So what current projects are you working on or have recently finished in the Unisound studios?

I am working on albums with Motorjesus, Refuge, Necrochamber and Sworn. EP's with Grave Superior, and Fearsen at the moment. Just finished some work for Misery Index, No Fun At All, Skeletal Remains, Theudho, The Project, Sentient Horror, Sojourner, Human Behavior, Woebegone Obscured, Grind Zero, Dominanz, Nårdegaist, Necrodemon and many more.

Which albums are you most proud of that have come out of your studio and also which albums are you most proud of recording and writing yourself?

Well, it's hard to say because there are so many good ones, but it's not always I can feel proud of my "audio work" on the early stuff, but I am still proud for having completed it with a shoestring budget and the result was OK enough for some of the bands to really take off (Opeth, Katatonia, Dissection, Marduk, Millencolin, Dark Funeral....etc). In more recent days I am proud of every album I mix. I make sure that I bring the stuff to the point where the artists are 100% happy.

From my own stuff, I am damn proud of Unicorn the "A Collection of Worlds - Resurrected" album (Soon on LP and CD!!!) and our soon-to-released remastered "The Weirdest of Tales" album (So far, only Bandcamp planned). I feel strongly for the 2nd Witherscape album. The 1st and the EP are cool too, but "The Northern Sanctuary" became exactly what I wanted it to be. I love how "Retribution" from Nightingale turned out. I still have a special place in my heart for my "Moontower" album and I also dig the Pan-Thy-Monium "Dream II" EP a lot. Edge of Sanity did a whole bunch of cool songs too.


Do you prefer the technical aspect of the studio compared to writing songs etc and what is it that makes you enjoy it more?

I actually hate writing songs and recording my own stuff, but there's still that drive to get through it somehow. Hammering out a ton of riffs on an acoustic guitar or the piano is a fun, but once you come to that "Make a song out of it" part...fuck, that sucks. Mainly because some stuff you thought would change the world, just sounds boring in "full clothing". My heart is definitely at mixing other people music. And that is why I do that for a living, rather than write songs.

Over the years you have been involved with so many bands that it amazes me where you find the time to write, record and produce so many albums?!

Well, it helped to be working full time in your own recording studio, or in the really early days, have no life outside school of the rehearsal room/studio. When some of my friends went out to party, me and some other friends went down to the rehearsal room and wrote and recorded some songs, that people still talk about some 25 years later. In the early times most albums were done in a few days, 7-10 days tops and there's 52 weeks in a year, so...stuff happened.

Arguably your greatest creation was when you formed Bloodbath back in 1998, were you sad to leave the band in 2006?

Ha, ha. Well, to me it's pretty far from my greatest creation...it was fun while it lasted, and the "exclusion" of me in the "making a band out of a project" scenario wasn't handled with much grace, but it's all cool now and I wish the guys the best of luck.

So what do think of the current musical sound and direction of Bloodbath and what are your thoughts about Nick Holmes handling vocal duties for the band now?

After the first EP Bloodbath turned into a trio something where three writers wrote 4 tracks each and released them on the same album. There are moments in the other guys early tracks that I find pretty cool, but the direction their songs took after the 2nd full length isn't really my cup of tea. Nothing personal, I just don't care for that style of metal. Nick's vocals grew on me after listening their "Grand Morbid Funeral" album in its entirety. And instead of thinking how it could have sounded with Mike or Peter...I gave it a shot, and there I think it works. He really sounds like "a rotting corpse lurking in a corner" or whatever he wanted to achieve. He does an alright job with the older stuff, I think. And what he doesn't have in "microphone breaking volume" in his growls, he makes up for with a cool on stage persona and being an awesome dude off stage too.


Could we possibly see you return to the band now that Sodomizer has left the band?

Dream on ;)

So what can we expect from Dan Swanö the man and from Unisound in 2018?

I am working on a Death Metal solo thing and if all goes according to plan, it will be out this year.... Unisound have a lot of cool stuff lined up. Motorowl, Jungle Rot, Misery Index, Puteraeon, Bodyfarm, Fractal Gates, Nevalra, Cast the Stone, Soulline, Heathenspawn...and many more will have their albums mixed by yours truly.

Thank you so much for time Dan and I'm sure we will all look forward to hearing your musical endeavours this year.
Thanks for the interview.