Helmuth -  Belphegor

Hail Helmuth! Hope you are well.

Hi man! Yeah all is good. We had a brutal festival raid last weekend. 

How did your weekend of 4 festivals in 4 days in 4 different countries go? That's a pretty hectic weekend!

Tough traveling man, it was hard. 5 days with almost no sleep, but it was worth it. We destroyed BRUTAL ASSAULT/ Czech, MEH SUFF/ Switzerland, LEYENDAS DEL ROCK/ Spain and BLOODSTOCK in England, what an insane weekend. We played for something like 20.000 Metal demons! 

Are you enjoying the 20th Anniversary shows this year? 

Absolutely. It is still unreal to me, goddamn 20 years man..chaos! 


Is the new album still on schedule for release in the early part of 2014 and what can we expect from this record compared to 2011's  'Blood Magick Necromance' ?

The yet untitled album will be released in Feb/ March 2014. Expect "DIABOLICAL DEATH MUSICK", we don't and won't slow down, nor follow trends, its still BELPHEGOR. We still glorify and celebrate extreme Metal, the way it is  meant to be.  

Did your illness effect the writing process for the album? 

Yes it did affect everything, the album, the band, my life, you know. Anyways, musick is my religion, my number one passion.

So are you back to full health now? 

I'm thankful that I'm doing good. It never will be like before my operation, but - after a long break, I'm able to shred guitar and took over the vocals a few months ago, that was the master plan since my brush with death, my goal you know...to get back on stage! That's the most important thing, to always have a goal in sight. A goal that is worth it to breath for and fight and not give up! "RISE TO FALL AND FALL TO RISE"! 

I was 6 hours dead, hell was not ready for me...there is still a lot to do harrrr.

Will we see a full tour to coincide with the new album next year or will the Belphegor touring machine slow down a bit? 

I have a lot of visions for the release of the new LP, we'll see man. This year we are doing +/-50 shows, 18 of these shows are festivals/open airs. The 3-6 months touring cycle is gone for me, I don't see myself spend a half year in a tour bus again. Just not possible anymore. We concentrate more on the shows we are doing, and plan them better, get more gear on stage, to get a better performance for the demons.  

How is the quest for a new live guitarist going and how did the change come about? 

Thing was, Schoft our session guitarist from Netherlands, got operated couple months ago, he had a  tumor on his ribs. The doctor said, it might be possible, that he need 2 months therapy, and cant play shows with us in this period. You know, we can t risk to cancel shows, so we are searching for a talented shredder, that fits the bands legacy/ attitude. We got hundreds of applications man. It was weird, didn't expect so many, my 
mailbox crushed and fukked up. Anyways, then 2 weeks ago, the doctor said, no fucking therapy,...well, sometimes u have luck, so all is good in the band department. We are ready to roll and loaded like a Tank! 

Which Belphegor album do you feel is the strongest/most complete record and which songs do you enjoy playing live? 

Man you ask the wrong person,yo u know - i wrote +/-90 percent of the tracks, really, on each album we tried to give our best, to rise intensity, develop dynamic, get better as musician, as band. 

Some songs that i really like to play and get me in the ritual mode, are LUCIFER INCESTUS, JUSTINE - SOAKED IN BLOOD, ANGELI MORTIS DE PROFUNDIS, BELPHEGOR - HELLS AMBASSADOR. In a live situation we always concentrate on the fast songs, we are known for. We do not fukk around, we cut heads off....that is what we really dig and what we are best at, u know. In Blast we trust..  

Your album artwork is some of the best and most insane in the whole industry, Who comes up with the ideas for them? 

Thanks for your words, appreciated, It is. I spend alot of time on the ideas, the verse, the whole cover art concept, to give the haunted - brutal musick pictures. The most mocks grow in my brain during alcohol/ drug excess. I always know exactly what i want and how i can force the artist to bring my visions onto paper. I read hundreds of books, that deal with all that is darkness, occult, black romantic, magick, sadisms bdsm and so on. So yes. I have a lot of ideas when it come to this crushing blasphemous stuff.

Thanks for taking time out during this busy time in the band to answer a few questions for me. Really looking forward to hearing the new 
album next year and hearing it live. 

Thanks for the space Harvey. Check out the new album, which will be released in Feb/ March 2014 through Nuclear Blast Rec worldwide. See you Metal Demons all around.