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We are here in Poznan, Poland for the final show of the tour in support to Behemoth, how has the tour been for you and what has it been like to tour with the guys from Behemoth?

Its been great. I mean its always really good with the Behemoth crew and the band themselves, good friendship and its always a lot of fun and with Batushka as well who are really great people too so its great to watch them do their thing as well. The entire vibe of this tour is really great. Technically and personally we've had a few issues which don't usually arise to that extent so thats been annoying.

Has that been due to the venues or your own equipment?

My equipment has been failing on me and the PA actually crashed on us which was just a stroke of bad luck but the reception for us has been great, sometimes mixed due to the majority of people coming to see Behemoth and they have the main core of the crowd but there has been a load of people that didn't know us before the shows and thats why you do these kind of shows to get your name about.

Yeah its good to go on tours with bands like Behemoth because they are probably one of the bands on the top of the pile so to speak in extreme metal at the moment so to tour with them will bring yourself a lot of exposure that you might no necessarily get.

Yeah precisely.  We wouldn't just tour with anyone so we have respect for them as musicians and people so its definitely something we like to do with them and its a great learning curve to be with them and you pick up a lot of cool things along the way.

Bölzer finally has a full length being released on Nov 25th called Hero, what made you decide that now was the time to release a full length instead of another EP?

Everything is intuitive with us and we do what we think is right at the time you know. I guess the EP'S happened for a reason and they happened the way they did. There was always a plan to do a full length and it was going to be the next step. We didn't consciously adhere to any expectations for what you should release and what you should not, releasing an album isn't a bad thing. It was just a question of time. We have been working on it for the past year and a half to two years, between shows and stuff.


There seems to be a slight shift in the sound with the song "I AM III" that you've released from the new album "Hero", is this the same with the whole album or does each individual song have its own style?

Differently yeah. We just wanted to make a heavy record and the production is heavy. If you listen to all the other songs on a really good system or really good headphones then you will hear that its really well produced and mixed, not overly produced as we didn't want something that was really polished. They are basically just raw tracks. We had such a sweet sound for the raw recordings of the guitars and we only touched them up ever so slightly so its the actual real sound that you will hear. We are kinda going for the organic thing.

That's good to hear because sometimes with some bands an album can be over produced and then when you see them live you can feel slightly let down by the sound.

Yeah yeah of course. The new album is different in many ways and to me its dynamic and larger. We wanted to challenge ourselves. That was the idea behind the entire thing.

Obviously on "I AM III" we can hear some clean vocals, was there any different influences that you drew upon for this song compared to previous releases?

No i don't take specific influence when writing the music we make. I don't consciously write like that. I just write what I feel and I get that out. Originally is quite important for me so theres no way that I would just want to copy someone else's  musical style, voice or anything like that. The clean vocals are something I've wanted to do for quite some time now but everything is very intuitive so  its just my feelings at the point in time.

Some people have compared the new song to a heavy version of Mastodon?!

Yeah I don't know why people mention Mastodon all the time. I mean I like Mastodon but I don't understand how that really works with that and with "I AM III"  in particular.

How many songs are going to be on the new album and what will the album length be?

Its brushing on to 50 minutes including intro, outro and intermittent's so it's not too long. I find it hard to enjoy albums that are over an hour. I think its too much. I'd even say that about 35 - 40 minutes is about right.

You're obviously with an underground record label with Iron Bonehead, do you intend on keeping it that way instead of going to a bigger label as Bölzer have been subject to such high acclaim from all over the world that I expect you have had plenty of offers thrown at you. 

Yeah we have received offers from all of the big labels over the last two years but there was never any interest to want to move to them. At least in an entirety. If anything there was a situation to work with distribution  or something like that or licencing but in the final analysis we decided to stick to our guns. Friendship is very important to us so working with Patrick and also Darus at Invictus, who have both helped us a lot so we wanted to keep it pure I guess and also to challenge the triad we have with Patrick as its going to be a bigger scale thing with our release. Its exciting for us to see how we can push it on our own.

So on what formats can we expect the new album"Hero" to be released on?

There will be CD, vinyl and tape and there will be a die hard vinyl as well which has a limited edition patch and a special coloured vinyl. We are also getting a whole load of new merch too.

Bölzer have been so well received since you came onto the underground scene in 2012 with 'Roman Acupuncture", did you expect such a great reaction and did you realise you had something special to unleash to the world? For a band that has only released 3 EP's I'd say you are well above the level of any other band that would have released the same amount of music as yourselves.

No not at all. We try to focus on writing intensive music. In my opinion it also has to be of high quality. I don't write filler stuff. Everything has its place and it should be of significance you know and I think your life should be like that too. We played very prolifically for like two years so I think that really helped with us being a duo. It makes things a little easier for getting around and easier for promoters as well perhaps.

I was going to say about you guys being a duo and that for just two guys onstage you create such a huge sound. Do you have a unique set up to help create this is it just a case of being like Spinal Tap and turning it up to eleven?

Well you know I just play a guitar which is a special custom guitar and the string set up influences the sound somewhat but I run the signal three ways. I have two guitar amps and also a bass rig so that makes it a little bit bigger. My set up is very primitive, its really basic actually compared to a lot of other guitarists who have their crazy pedal boards etc.

Whenever I have seen you live it definitely sounds like there more than just one guitar on stage.

The idea was to fill up the low end frequency range too so obviously as I said one of my signals goes through a bass rig and it also goes through an octave generator so its a few octaves down just to fill up that range.

Have you ever considered adding a third member to the Bölzer ranks?

At the very beginning we actually considered it like before we properly formed the band. We tried a few friends that played the bass but it just never really worked out and then I consciously started to write without a bassist, well we both did so thats been the idea ever since.

A lot of people talk about the wolfs hook when talking about Bölzer, how did you choose the band name and did you want a name where you could incorporate the wolfs hook?

The wolfs hook has no connection to the word Bölzer in any shape or form. There was no conscious idea to integrate the wolfs hook within the logo actually. It just happens to kinda represent one and people sort of turned it into their own ideas and said "oh this is a wolfs hook" but its actually not. Its actually a "z" and its based on geographical mirroring but yeah when I designed the logo I was consciously integrating any symbolism apart from having the alphabet loosely structured upon. My interpretation of a lightening bolt and the natural lines and staving of the ruun alphabet. i just wanted in integrate the two and it kinda came out quirky but I think its effective. I wouldn't want to hide the fact if i was going incorporate a wolfs hook We have a song by that name but thats actually focussing on the negative aspect of falling prey to any kind of mass ideology i.e fascism or religion. If you read into the lyrics then thats what they're about so I think many people have mis-interpreted it.


Does that kind of annoy you that things can get interrupted the wrong way with the wolfs hook and the tattoos?

Yeah of course its a shame but you know mankind is kinda known for its stupidity so I don't really expect much else from the internet trolls etc but thats what happens. I just wish people would give more time to thought processes, forming opinions and would read into things with a little more depth instead of just taking things for face value especially if its usually like when an artist is trying to express something and if its of quality or depth then you can probably rest assure that the artist is going to use something just for its face value and that theres some deeper meaning to it. I think its important to perhaps focus on those things first.

Yeah its a shame that people form opinions too soon and they do it in all aspects of life. I always get it myself, just because I look a certain way people assume I'm a certain type of person when in fact I'm completely different to what they expect but thats humanity for you in the modern era.

If anything its limiting to yourself. Its only a hindrance.

So with the new album due to fall on our laps next month, what can we expect from Bolzer in the near future? Obviously you have done plenty of supporting tours but can we expect any headline tours etc?

Yeah sure. We've done a few small headline shows here and there but its not as if its a massive priority that we headline everything in the future. Its more about who we play with. We've got a few things planned for next year, we're not going to be touring prolifically. The idea is to do specific little excursions in certain regions. Its preferable time wise because we are bound to jobs back home as well so yeah we have things in the works which will be announced as time progresses.

New album "Hero" will be releases on November 25th