Sven De Caluwe & Danny Tunker - Aborted

When you formed the band back in 1995, What made you decide to call the band Aborted and who influenced you?

Sven -  I wanted a band name that would actually be one of the first names that shows up in the stores in the CD racks so it had to start with an A. So I was like, what's offensive that begins with an A, Aborted, yeah that works. As for bands that influenced me it would be Suffocation, Entombed and Carcass.

Over the years there has been many line up changes within the band, How do you feel about the current line up and has it been hard to keep the band going and what motivates you to keep going?

Sven - Actually everything has been really good for about two years now and it's nice to be working with people that are actually willing to work together to reach a common goal.

This is your guys first album together, How did you find the writing/recording process and what inspirations did you draw upon for the new album?

Danny -  It was very short but very fast and intense and there were lots of moments where I certainly felt that we weren't going to pull this off because we didn't actually commit to it until November then went to the studio in January and now it's actually finished. All recorded and done.

Sven - We actually all went up to JB's place for about a week and we intensely worked together and then we went back home to write some parts. Me and Danny actually traded some things over skype, Mendel did his own thing. A lot of the songs have input from multiple people.

So when will 'The Necrotic Manifesto' actually be released?

Danny - April 28th European and April 29th Worldwide

With 'Global Flatline' there was an evolution in the sound of Aborted, Does this continue with 'The Necrotic Manifesto'?

Danny - I would say there are still elements of 'Global Flatline' in it but also some more older stuff from the 'Goremageddon' period, some of the grindier stuff.

Sven - It's it's own thing. I wouldn't say it sounds exactly like 'Global Flatine' or 'Goremageddon' or whatever but there are definitely some of the signature elements on there but it is it's own thing and I think it's definitely the most intense record we've done both in terms of how we had to write it and how it came out.

Are there any guest vocalists on the album?

Sven - Yeah we have two of them on this album. We have Vincent Bennett from 'The Acacia Strain' on a song and Phlegeton from 'Wormed'.

How do you decide what samples to use with your music and which ones are your favourites?

Danny -  I would say that it has to be the 'Hellraiser' samples.

Sven -  Yeah I have to say they always come back as it's a very important movie I think for everybody in the band. Other than that, you watch a movie and all of a sudden there's a moment where your like, ah I'll take that.

Danny - That was definitely the case with the new record when we were actually watching movies at the guest house where we were like 'that's perfect'.

Who and why have you used for the artwork on 'The Necrotic Manifesto' and do you always use the same person?

Sven - I usually come up with some of the idea's and I do a bunch of the merch. We usually just commission someone to do it as I'd rather have an objective view rather than do it myself. This time we hired Par Olofsson who did a pretty cool job, he did a whole bunch of pieces.

So what can we expect from Aborted in 2014?

Sven -  We're barely going to be home so we will be pretty fucking busy. After this (Blastfest) we have the U.S. tour and Mexico. Then we have the European release shows, China and Australia then some festival shows and after that it's South America and then in the fall it will be an actual proper European tour.

Seeing as your talking about tours and stuff, Next year is going to be the 20th anniversary of Aborted in 2015, I know it's a year away but do you have any plans for any special shows?

Sven -  Ah yeah, Well we just came out the studio and my brain is a little frazzled by the gigantic process of writing 18 songs about fecal matter so as soon as I have a little bit more room to think about it but yeah, we should do something for it.

Danny - If we do it then its your fault because now you've actually mentioned it. None of us had actually thought about it before.

Sven - I think it could be time to do a DVD, you know like 20 years of 'Broken Hope' but we've actually been active for 20 years instead of being broken up for over 80 per cent of it.

Well that's it guys so thank you very much and I look forward to seeing on stage later and hearing the new album soon.

Sven & Danny - Cheers