БАТЮШКА - Krzysztof Drabikowski

What was your main aim and purpose behind БАТЮШКА when you formed the band back in 2015 and how long had the vision of БАТЮШКА been in your creative mind?

I didn’t have any, I just did it for having fun. I like to record music, it makes me feel relaxed. I throw out all accumulated emotions kept inside me.  

Lyrically БАТЮШКА have adopted the old Church Slavonic language which is inspired by the Eastern Orthodox Church. What personally inspired you to take this approach with БАТЮШКА? 

I wanted the lyrics to match the music, so I had to use that language because it’s an important part of that. Others languages sound bad with that kind of singing. 

November 2015 saw the release of Litourgiya, could you have ever imagined that you would have received such great acclaim like you did for a debut album and especially with the concept and themes behind the band? 

I didn't expected that at all, so it was a big surprise for me but it's nice. It gave me so much energy to do things my way because I did Litourgiya exactly like I wanted, without caring about opinions of others but it does not mean that I was too concerned about these opinions before. I felt that maybe I'm doing something bad.

Back on 23rd December 2018 it was announced that there had been a split within the band and since then you have had a turbulent beginning to 2019 regarding БАТЮШКА. As we stand now only yourself can release music under the БАТЮШКА name so how has it come about that Krysiuk has managed to release new music, announced shows and also got a record deal under your band name of БАТЮШКА? 

He worked for me as a manager before, he had a lot of contacts, so it wasn’t hard for him. People know him as an official contact with my project, so nobody expected that he wants to do something like that and I know that it's hard to believe that someone can be so corrupt morally to do like he does. I was shocked at first too but then all the strange shitty situations from the past have started to become clear to me. 

We saw the release of a new БАТЮШКА song from yourself and also one from Krysiuk around the same time around a few months ago and it was obvious for anyone to hear that your song is the one true БАТЮШКА with the БАТЮШКА sound prominent in the song and it also expands on the majestic БАТЮШКА sound. 

That's why I released that, no announcements would do it better.

I believe that Панихида (Requiem) will be the album title for the follow up to Litourgiya but when can we expect this album to be released and are you currently working with any record labels towards its release?

I talked with many Labels about releasing it. They wanted to help me in that situation and I am grateful to them. I’ve met a lot of people and by talking to them, I decided to do as much myself as possible but unfortunately a day only has 24 hours. It’s not too much for me, I sleep just for 3-4 hours per night (or day), to be able to realize my plans but I know it’s the best way for now. 

As for other musicians involved with Панихида (Requiem), have you had any involvement from any of the previous musicians involved in БАТЮШКА? 

Yes, Lech was the first БАТЮШКА singer, before I asked Krysiuk to join. Patryk also sang most of our live shows, he has a much better voice than Krysiuk and he often sang Krysiuk's parts at concerts to conceal Krysiuk’s deficiencies in the sense of rhythm and the lack of musical hearing.

When all has been resolved with the current issues surrounding the band, are you wanting to carry on БАТЮШКА with the same stage presence and Eastern Orthodox Schemas that we have become accustomed to seeing?

I want to keep most of my parts of it but I also want to change some things to make it fit more to the concept of that album.

Where do you see the future of БАТЮШКА being and just how far would you like to see БАТЮШКА go in the world of Extreme Metal?

I want to keep realizing my ideas, play to people who want to hear my music. I like to act spontaneously and immediately realize everything that comes to my mind and I do not feel the pressure to do anything. 

Thank you for your time and I really hope that we get to see yourself on stage again performing the songs that you created that we have come to love and I can’t wait for there to be only one true БАТЮШКА. Hail. 

Thank you and I hope it too. It would be a pleasure to play for all my fans who appreciate my work.

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